ibVPN User Reviews 2018

The best way to evaluate a VPN service is to start with user reviews. ibVPN has been around for many years and countless users have tried out the service during this time. The following ibVPN review by users show that some have found it to be quite satisfactory, while others have run into issues that weakened their affinity for the service and its features. 
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A brief analysis of ibVPN reviews by users of the service shows that the support team is always on the alert to detect annoyed users and solve their problems.

Most ibVPN reviews are very positive and it seems that users are quite content with the service and with the customer support.

ibVPN reviews from users also confirm that the service is ideal for online gamers. Evidently it does not create bandwidth or speed related issues when used for online gaming.

However, no services are invulnerable and problems can arise in the most unexpected ways and at the most unexpected times. The following ibVPN review is a classic example of a user’s lukewarm experience with the service – thanks to compatibility issues.

It is noteworthy that users who have tried out various VPN services tend to have positive experiences with the service and frequently recommend the service in their ibVPN reviews.

The following ibVPN review excerpt is a classic example of the service’s dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction. The ibVPN service has a very professional work ethic and believes in delivering value to users.

ibVPN is Top VPN for BBC iPlayer as Recommended by BestVPN.Co

Various websites recommend ibVPN for different purposes. The provider has a good reputation in the industry, as numerous users use the service for streaming, unblocking, privacy, and anonymity. BestVPN.co is a review website in this list and it recommends ibVPN for BBC iPlayer.

BBC iPlayer offers shows, movies, live events, and news from the UK. It is the go-to channel for anyone looking for British television. Sadly, the service is only accessible within the UK, restricting viewers located outside the region. This is where a VPN comes in to help.

 ibVPN’s illustrious server spread in the UK allows anyone to unblock BBC iPlayer. BestVPN.co conducted tests to check which VPN providers were able to access BBC iPlayer and ibVPN was among them.

ibVPN Plans & Pricing

ibVPN offers a variety of packages designed to provide users the VPN service that they need. This helps users save on their ibVPN subscriptions by paying for the specific services they wish to use, instead of paying for a generic all-in-one package that includes unwanted additional features. You can try expressvpn money back package too for all your trial purposes.

Technically speaking, IPVanish offers 10 different packages. Each package promises to provide a unique set of features and is available in 1, 3, 6 and 12 month pricing plans.

However, this ibVPN review will simplify the packages into 5

This ibVPN review will elaborate on the ibVPN packages, pricing and plans in two different ways. Below is a summary of the ibVPN packages and pricing plans, followed by a detailed description of each plan along with an elaboration of the functions and features it offers.

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ibVPN Ultimate VPN Package

The ibVPN Ultimate VPN package is the mother of all ibVPN packages and is designed to provide ibVPN users access to the complete range of features, functions and benefits offered by the service. This is made possible by bundling ibVPN’s SmartDNS service with the ibVPN service in order to create a complete online security and freedom solution.

  • 1 month subscription for $10.95
  • 3 month subscription for $24.95 Quarterly - coming to $8.32 monthly average
  • 6 month subscription for $42.95 Semi-Annually - coming to $7.16 monthly average
  • 12 month subscription for $82.95 - coming to $6.91 monthly average

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The ibVPN Ultimate VPN package includes VPN and SmartDNS services, to help users unblock websites with complete privacy protection. This is made possible through a VPN servers spread of 90+ servers spread out across 39 countries. This gives ibVPN users over 2000 dynamic IP addresses to eliminate their digital footprint.

Users who subscribe to the Ultimate VPN plan can use a single account on up to two devices at the same time. ibVPN offers Ultimate VPN users online security through the availability of OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP and SSTP protocols. The best part is that ibVPN allows P2P and torrent activity on VPN servers from 7 countries.

ibVPN Total VPN Package

The ibVPN Total VPN package is the middle-class online freedom solution. The Total VPN plan is much like the all-in-one Universal VPN package, and offers SmartDNS along with the VPN service.

  • 1 month subscription for $7.95
  • 3 month subscription for $19.95 - coming to $6.65 per month
  • 6 month subscription for $36.95 - coming to $6.16 per month
  • 12 month subscription for $69.95 - coming to $5.83 per month

The TotalVPN package costs less than the Ultimate VPN package because it gives users access to over 75 VPN servers in 39 countries, instead of the full range of 90+ VPN servers. In addition, the package also costs less because it does not include access to any proxy servers, and does not come with multi-login capability.

However, the Total VPN package allows torrent users to unblock torrent access by connecting to all 7 VPN server countries, and comes with the complete range of OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, and SSTP protocols.

ibDNS/SmartDNS Package

The ibDNS/SmartDNS package is the low cost ibVPN solution to users who are searching for an effective and efficient DNS based solution to unblock websites. The ibDNS/SmartDNS package promises to unblock over 150 channels and is designed specifically for streaming lovers.

  • 1 month subscription for $4.95
  • 3 month subscription for $10.95 - coming to $3.65 per month
  • 6 month subscription for $19.95 - coming to $3.32 per month
  • 12 month subscription for $36.95 - coming to $3.08 per month

Even though the ibDNS/SmartDNS package does not include VPN service, it is based on servers located in 10 countries and is fully compatible with all internet-enabled devices.

ibVPN Torrent VPN Package

The ibDNS TorrentVPN package is designed to function for users who want to engage in P2P and torrent upload/download activity. This is a package that is frequently preferred by internet users as it makes ibVPN one of the few VPN services that openly advocates torrent and P2P use.

  • 1 month package subscription for $4.95 Monthly
  • 3 month package subscription for $10.95 - coming to $3.65 monthly average
  • 6 month package subscription for $19.95 - coming to $3.32 monthly average
  • 12 month package subscription for $36.95 - $3.08 monthly average

Subscribing to the ibVPN Torrent VPN package helps users unblock torrent websites by connecting to around 10 VPN servers in 7 countries around the world. The package gives users the anonymity that comes from hiding behind over 700 dynamic IP addresses and encrypts users' data with a wide variety of encryption protocols that include OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP.

ibVPN Location Based Packages

No ibVPN review can be complete without identifying the three location based packages into one category. These packages are designed to meet the specific needs of VPN users who only want to access a few VPN server locations and don't really want the full array of servers and features.

All three ibVPN location based packages are available in the following pricing denominations:

  • One Month: $4.95 flat
  • Quarter: $3.65 per month - coming to $10.95 for the 3 month plan
  • Semi-Annual: $3.32 per month - coming to $19.95 for the 6 month plan
  • Annual: $3.08 per month - coming to $36.95 for the 12 month plan


None of these packages come with the ibDNS package. However, OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, and SSTP encryption protocols are available on all of them. The following sub-section explains how each one of these three packages offers a unique value.

  • ibVPN US+CA VPN Package: The ibVPN package gives users access to 13 VPN servers in the US and 4 servers in Canada.
  • ibVPN UK & Ireland VPN Package: This ibVPN package gives users access to 7 servers in the UK and 2 servers in Ireland.
  • ibVPN EU VPN Package: The ibVPN package gives users access to 28 VPN servers spread out across 19 countries in the EU.


How to Secure Your Streams on Popcorn Time using ibVPN

Popcorn Time is one of a kind streaming platform that offers latest movies and TV shows. It works just like any torrent client, bringing small chunks of file from peers through BitTorrent protocol. The only difference is, you don’t have to wait for the torrent file to complete downloading and then view the content. With Popcorn Time, you get instant streaming.

The user interface of Popcorn Time resembles Netflix in many aspects and is no wonder known as Netflix for Pirates. However, since it works on BitTorrent protocol, its use is barred in various jurisdictions. Therefore, users can be subject to DMCA’s and other legal notices for using Popcorn Time.

One way of using Popcorn Time securely is through a Popcorn Time VPN (read this guide for more information: https://www.popcorntimevpn.org/ ). ibVPN supports P2P file sharing on selective servers and offers end-to-end encryption for safe and secure transfer. Similarly, with OpenVPN protocol, your data tunnels through a safe pathway and doesn’t allow anyone to intrude on your activities.


ibVPN Server Status & Details Page

ibVPN has the most descriptive and helpful Server Status page available online. The server listing clearly shows the status of each server (online/offline), the type of IP that the server provides (static/dynamic), the number of users online, and the total bandwidth capacity that is being consumed on a specific server at any given time. The server listing page also displays the P2P/Torrent compatibility of the servers.

Veteran VPN users who want to go for location based ibVPN packages can visit the Server listing to identify the availability of specific VPN servers in specific packages.

ibVPN Encryption & Protocols

ibVPN is very flexible in terms of encryption protocols. PPTP and OpenVPN protocols are available on Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and Linux based devices; as well as on Routers.

The L2TP encryption protocol is available for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android based devices.

The SSTP encryption protocol is only available for users running ibVPN on Windows and MacOS.

ibVPN Review

ibVPN Software Compatibility

Custom ibVPN software client are available for Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS users. The Windows and MacOS ibVPN software can be downloaded from the official ibVPN website, while the Android app and iOS app can be downloaded from GooglePlay and iTunes respectively.

These are user friendly clients that give the user complete control over the ibVPN service. Installing the custom ibVPN clients is always the recommended way to use all of ibVPNs features and functions, because manual configuration tends to limit the utility of the VPN connection on the basis of the scope of the device's built-in VPN compatibility.

ibVPN Manual Setup Compatibility

ibVPN is one of the most compatible VPN service available online in terms of manual setup compatibility.

IbVPN Kodi/XBMC Setup

Kodi has become quite the popular tool among users who have long since abandoned physical media. It is a reliable software, which brings all your content together in one place. At the same time, it gives you the ability to share your favorite digital media across numerous devices. Subsequently, there is no doubt that Kodi is serving as a well-known commodity in the technical-minded corners of the internet. It is recommended to use the Best Kodi VPN for anonymous streaming.

Thanks to home media centers becoming more appealing, Kodi has managed to attract a huge audience of mainstream viewers. Upon installing Kodi, you can share your content to other devices; while streaming and recording live TV, movies, shows, sports, etc. By using smartphone apps, you can also use your phone as a remote control for Kodi. Who even needs a traditional cable TV connection?

Overall, the software is astounding beyond words. You can use it across all platforms and devices. All you need to get started is to download Kodi add-ons. There are plenty of official/unofficial add-ons available, which allow you to stream content from various parts of the world. However, since some content is geo-restricted, you may need a fastest VPN services for gaining unblocked access.

This is where ibVPN makes its entry. Available in a range of attractive and inexpensive packages, this VPN service manages to generate quite the attention. You can leverage a powerful and secure network to 100+ servers for as low as $3.08 per month. This is why even though ibVPN is not recommended as the best VPN for Kodi, it still attracts many users who may be looking for a budget VPN.

The setup process is easy. Just visit ibVPN and click on “see plans & pricing”. Select a suitable package and click on “order now”. Once you have created an account, it is time you downloaded the appropriate software. Go to the setup page and select the relevant operating system. Download and install the application. Enter your username and password. Connect to a VPN server. Enjoy using ibVPN with Kodi!

ibVPN Setup for Windows

IbVPN offer their updated app which is now available on PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices. The download is located on the home page where you can select your desired operating system anddownload the software for free.

Here is the 6 step setup process for ibVPN’s Windows app:

  • Launch the ibVPN Windows Desktop App setup and click next when prompted like shown below. 

                   ibvpn review

  • Go through the license agreement and make sure the service does not violate any of your rights. Click ‘I Agree’ when you are ready.


  • In the third step allow the app to create a desktop shortcut and update the TAP-Win 32 driver. The Tap Win 32 driver is needed for the functioning of OpenVPN protocols on your devices. Click Next when you are ready. 


  • Confirm the installation directory for the ibVPN client app. Leave the default directory as it is if you don’t want to alter the location, the click Install. 


  • Let the setup download and install files, you can also display installation details by clicking the ‘Show Details’ button under the progress bar. 


  • When installation is complete the wizard will inform you that a system restart is required. Reboot your PC and upon restarting you will find your newly installed ibVPN Windows app in the taskbar. 



ibVPN for Mac OS

Also inclusive of a Mac App, you can manually configure ibVPN on your Mac devices. For your convenience we have created an illustrated tutorial. 

  • To begin manually configuring your PPTP ibVPN on Mac proceed to ‘System Preferences’ and locate the Network icon then click it. 

                         ibvpn mac setup

  • You will arrive in the Network Connections menu. On the left hand side you will see all your existing network connections listed, at the bottom you will see a “+” sign click it and a box like the one shown below will appear. If you click the Interface box you will see a dropdown menu like shown below. Click the “VPN” option and proceed to step 3. 


  • When you click “VPN”, two new boxes will appear below. Click the VPN Type box and choose “PPTP” from the given option like shown in the screen capture below. In the service name box simply type in ibVPN PPTP, and then click the Create button.


  • Once you have clicked the Create button in Step 3 this new configuration menu will appear. You will be required to get the following details from ibVPN before proceeding;
    • Server address that you wish to connect to
    • Username for ibVPN   


  • If you look closely at the image below we have filled out the details with made-up details. Remember to change you Encryption method to maximum which is 128bits. When all details have been filled out simply click Apply, your new ibVPN PPTP connection will appear on the left hand side along with other connections. 


  • When you are ready to connect, click on the connection and press connect.Next the wizard will ask you for your ibVPN password, enter your password and the service will connect to the ibVPN server. 



ibVPN Android Setup

IbVPN highly recommend their Android app as it requires minimal work and configuration. To begin installing the ibVPN Android app access the Google Play Store and search for ibVPN then proceed to step 1.

  • ibVPN should show up in the first result click the ibVPN Android app tab and proceed to installing the mobile app.

                                       ibvpn android setup

  • Click INSTALL to proceed 


  • A permissions window will pop up click the Accept button to authorize the ibVPN Android App 


  • The ibVPN Android app will now begin installing mobile device. Let the installation complete and wait for the Open button to appear 


  • When you click Open the app will activate and take you to the login page, which will look like the image below 


  • Simply click login if you are already a registered or free trial user, otherwise click register to begin subscribing to the ibVPN service. 



ibVPN iOS Setup

IbVPN recommend using their iOS app on all iPad, IPod and iPhones. Here is a quick guide on how to get installthe all-staribVPN iOS app. 

  • From your iOS device access the App Store and search for ibVPN. The following result for the ibVPN iOS app should appear: Click GET, and then click Install to begin setting up the ibVPN service on your iOS device. 

                                  ibvpn ios setup

  • Once the ibVPN iOS app has finished installation, click the Open button that will appear on the top right. 


  • The app will activate and bring you to the login page. From here you can login with theprovider’s details or subscribe to a new account. 



ibVPN Server Speed Tests

Using a throttled 10Mbps connection, limit to only 2Mbps, we tested over 10 servers in our ibVPN review. 

France Server

Netherlands Server 1

Netherland 2 (P2P optimized server)

USA Server - New York


USA Server - Chicago


The interesting aspect of most ibVPN servers was their ability to remove ISP throttling while optimizing speed to very stable levels. For instance the Netherlands P2P server was able to not only cancel out throttling by our ISP but also achieve maximum bandwidth compared to other servers. 

ibVPN for Linux

ibVPN can be configured for PPTP and OpenVPN encryption protocols on Linux devices. The best part is that ibVPN also provides Linux users the option of setting up Graphical Network Managers for these protocols.

ibVPN for Routers

ibVPN is compatible with many routers through manual configuration. These include PPTP and OpenVPN protocols for DD-WRT, Sabai and Tomato Routers.

ibVPN Customer Support

Other ibVPN reviews might not give much importance or attention to customer support. However, this ibVPN review considers the customer support quality and channels to be a reflection of a service’s dedication to quality service provision.

ibVPN offers support through six channels.

ibVPN Guides & Tutorials

There is a large volume of setup tutorials available on the official ibVPN website. The tutorials and guides are meant to assist users who wish to manually configure ibVPN on their devices. Users who choose to manually configure ibVPN usually do so because they feel comfortable in using the built-in VPN configuration settings of their device.

Experienced VPN users also frequently prefer to manually configure their ibVPN connections as they feel that doing so gives them more control over the VPN tunneling and encryption service.

The Setup section has detailed tutorials for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux OS users. In addition, setup tutorials for Router devices, TV consoles, and gaming consoles are also available.

The highlight of the ibVPN Setup guide section is that it also serves as an ideal testament to ibVPN's immense compatibility with internet enabled devices of all types.

Knowledge Base

The ibVPN Knowledge Base is a continuously expanding treasure trove of information that contains answers to issues, queries and questions related to billing, ibDNS, IPSec, protocols, and proxy.

The Knowledge Base is very well organized and serves as a user's manual for the ibVPN service. It is recommended that all users looking to subscribe to ibVPN should go through the comprehensive and concise Knowledge Base.


The ibVPN FAQ section contains information on ibVPN's premium accounts, trial offers and tech related information. The FAQ section also has details on payments and refund related issues.

Users worried privacy issues will find valuable information on ibVPN's logging and data retention policy in this section.

Contacting the ibVPN Support Team

A VPN service is only as good as its support team. Fortunately, contacting the ibVPN support ticket is a two-click process. Simply click on 'Help' on top of the ibVPN page, and then click on 'Contact'. ibVPN offers three channels through which the support team can be reached.

  • Opening a Support Ticket will allow you to register your query, concern and/or issue with the ibVPN support team. The team usually replies on users' email addresses.
  • Emailing the support team is another popular way through which users prefer to get in touch with the ibVPN support team.
  • The LiveChat feature is the fastest method of reaching the ibVPN support team, and usually guarantees a quick response.


A brief survey of the ibVPN forum is sufficient to confirm that the support team loves to communicate with users on the forum. The platform serves as an excellent channel and ibVPN users frequently share information on the forum, with responses from ibVPN personnel providing the guidance to help users trouble shoot the service and get the most from their internet experience .

Remote Assistance

The ibVPN Remote Assistance service is a user-friendly channel through which the ibVPN can get in the driving seat to resolve users' issues. Using Remote Assistance gives the support team access to the user's device to take a look under the hood and resolve the issue. It is most effective when describing problems to the tech team seems impossible and a professional's touch is needed.

ibVPN Free & Moneyback Policy

This ibVPN review highlights that this is the only VPN service online that offers a Free Trial in addition to a Money Back Guarantee!

Free Trial

Users can test drive ibVPN through a six hour free trial available from the ibVPN website. The free trial gives users access to the full range of ibVPN features and functions, and takes no more than 2 minutes to setup.

The free trial gives users a chance to try out the ibVPN Ultimate VPN package, which is ibVPN's best package and includes access to the full range of VPN servers and tools.

Money Back Guarantee

ibVPN gives users a 15 day money back guarantee. Users are generally recommended to use the 6 hour free trial to test the service and the features that it offers. This is an adequate amount of time to try the service and iron out any issues speed, connection, setup or usage related issues. If all else fails, ibVPN welcomes user feedback and invites users to ask for a refund if all ibVPN help resources fail to bring results.

ibVPN Review Conclusions and Recommendations for Users

This ibVPN review has found the service to be highly versatile and compatible. The ibVPN service contains all the features that new and first-time VPN users can demand, and the packages are very well designed. The variety of packages also helps ensure that pricing plans are pocket-friendly for all kinds of internet users.

New VPN users are recommended to use the ibVPN custom software for their devices as it is very user-friendly. The software is easy to install and the ibVPN reviews by users show that they are trusted by countless users from around the world. The Free Trial and Money Back Guarantee should serve as adequate cover.

Users should also spend some time in the ibVPN website's FAQ section and Knowledge Base to acquire a functioning understanding of everything that ibVPN has to offer.

Veteran VPN users will love the variety of packages and pricing plans, along with ibVPN's unrivalled manual configuration compatibility. The functions, features and prices come together to create a VPN service that can be trusted with long-term subscriptions.
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