Call of Duty probably has the best free-for-all-mode than any other game in the world. However, lag spikes in Call of Duty have taken away the fun of this mode and the overall multiplayer experience in general.

The problem has been faced by many throughout the world and no, you are not the only one facing the issue. To assure this, I have searched the internet to look for the concerns of Call of Duty players and what was stopping them from having a smooth gaming experience.

The results were quite astonishing. Out of the thousands of COD players around the world, many had been facing lag spikes in Call of Duty. Unfortunately, this wasn’t something addressed by the game developers and as a result players still face such issues.

First things first. It is important to know the difference between the lag/ping issues that you might be facing in the game. There are many reasons why one might have lag spikes in Call of Duty. While generally known as lag, it is further divided into the following three aspects as defined by official post on Activision.

Hit Marker Delays: This is the case where you think you have landed perfect shots on the enemy yet they are still alive and kill you with less shots.

Rubber Banding: Moving back to a position where you were a few seconds ago even though you have moved away from a point.

Stuttering:  Happens when you feel like your character has frozen and skips will moving from one point to the other.

I dug deep into this and found out one post in this regards at the official Activision support. While it wasn’t a direct solution to it, it still gave players the idea of why you might be actually be facing lag spikes in Call of Duty in the first place.

How to Fix Lag Spikes in Call of Duty?

You will know about lag spikes in Call of Duty by checking it through the network status screen. This can be seen in the form of ping/latency in which the high number means more lag spikes and stutter issues.

Network connection quality

Data loss is imminent even with the best of internet connections. This issue is also known as packet loss by many. You cannot directly know if you will face packet loss and hence a remedy to it cannot be found.

However, the occurrence of packet loss can be reduced by solidifying your internet connection. Many recommend you to switch to a wired connection since Wi-Fi connections are prone to variance and noise. Wired connections provide a much stable connection to online games with little to no chance of packet loss.

The second advice in this regard is to enable the QoS service, in case you are using your router. This will help in setting traffic priorities to all devices over your network to better organize the data transfer.


Bandwidth is defined as the number of bytes transferred from one point to the other in a unit of time. This is measured in Mbps, with having a lower bandwidth directly impacting your game performance. While you think your current bandwidth is enough, lag spikes in Call of Duty might be due to it.

The remedy to this is that you make sure you are getting the entire bandwidth when playing the game. You must close background downloads or any other video streaming app that is running in the background. You can also stop streaming your game to check if it makes any difference.  

Checking ISP

Your ISP has a lot to do with your game connection. Since everything is passing through your ISP, having a clear route and less data congestion will ensure you get the best gaming experience. The lesser the hops, the lesser would be the ping rate, and thus a much smooth gameplay.

However, based over your ISP, you are also open to packet loss if there are many users over a single network.

Using a Gaming VPN

While some of the issues that lead to lag spike in Call of Duty lag spikes can be solved, there are some that need a third party application to be addressed. This is where Gaming VPN comes into play and helps you solve the lag spikes in no time.

Gaming VPNs with their high-end servers and advanced algorithm, makes sure that you are getting the best possible connection and the problem of lag spikes in Call of Duty is laid to rest. If you have been facing difficulties in having a smooth gameplay, then we suggest you to try any good Gaming VPN and solve lag spikes in Call of Duty for good.