PureVPN review - Summary

PureVPN is one of the leading brands in the virtual private network industry. It has a huge user base of premium subscribers who seem to be very satisfied with the services and features that it provides.

PureVPN was established in 2007, and since then it has grown into a huge network of privacy concerned users, that engage in millions of protected sessions every day. Despite multiple instances in the past where PureVPN’s credibility may have been compromised, it continues to remain user’s top choice.

purevpn review

PureVPN reviews – What do they say?

According to many reviews, PureVPN is renowned for providing premium internet security and ultimate anonymity to its users, making them completely invisible on the internet. It keeps no traffic logs of its user’s activity when connected to a VPN, which is to insure complete privacy and security of their personal information.

CNET’s PureVPN review in 2016 listed it as “one of the better VPN service to look out for”.



PureVPN Review - Pros and Cons




The VPN client has a very easy and simple user interface that makes it possible for even the non-techy users to use it without any difficulty. Many users who review PureVPN like it for its simplicity.


The pricing plan is only available in 3 options. If a user opts for monthly package, the per month price is considerably high.


Multiple speed tests and reviews of PureVPN have confirmed that after PureVPN is connected, the download speed and upload speed is only slightly impacted, unlike other VPN providers, which cause a significant negative impact.

Add ons

Some of the add ons which add significantly to the collective security and privacy of the user are not free. However, despite the fact that the not-free add ons is a turn off, Purevpn reviews suggest that these add ons are worth the investment.


The VPN provides exceptional functionality when it comes to sending and receiving sensitive files and documents over the internet. All outgoing traffic is encrypted, which makes it impossible for any intruder to steal the information.

IPv6 Leak

When a VPN is connected, there are chances that the real IPv6 address can get leaked, which can expose the real identity of the user. However, according to some users who reviewed PureVPN, this issue is easily fixable.

No Logs

PureVPN has a strict no logs policy. It does not log its user’s activity, or any of their web traffic. This guarantees that users will remain safe from all hackers, scammers, advertisers and even monitoring authorities who follow people’s digital trails online.


Payment Options

All popular online payment methods, such as PapPal, Cashu, and Bitcoin are accepted. All credit cards and master cards are also accepted.


Server locations

PureVPN has an extensive network of over 750 servers placed across 180 different locations in 140 countries.


Customer Support

The 24/7 customer support team is there to help users with their day to day queries. It has a track record of being able to satisfy 92% of users who come in with different concerns.




PureVPN Review – How To Buy it?

As mentioned above too, PureVPN provides a multitude of methods a user can opt for when making a payment for subscription. PureVPN reviews show that all the payment methods are legit, accurate and are there to give ease and convenience to its new users and aid them in the sign up process.

PureVPN Review – Payment Methods:

The methods include all the popular online payment mediums, such as PayPal, Alipay and Cashu. But that’s not it; the recent introduction of cryptocurrency and its popularity has encouraged many businesses, including PureVPN to accept it. Many reviews of PureVPN claim that it accepts 13 different kinds of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum.

PureVPN Review – Pricing and Plans:

PureVPN offers its VPN subscription in multiple plans of varying validities. The two-year plan gives the best bang for the buck. However, not all users are interested in a two-year commitment, so they can take advantage of the 6-month plan or even the 1-month plan. The two-year plan costs less than $3 a month, which is not bad at all.

purevpn review

PureVPN Reviews for Pricing on Public Forums:

PureVPN reviews on many public forums and portals posted by users show that the pricing plans provided by PureVPN are very pocket friendly and widely appreciated across the cybersecurity space.


PureVPN Review - Server Locations

PureVPN has the most extensive network when it comes to the presence of servers around the world. The VPN provider boasts a heavily extensive network of more than 750 serves spread across over 140 countries. According to PureVPN reviews on Reddit and Twitter, having servers in so many countries makes it possible for users to access any type of content they desire from virtually any location in the world.

PureVPN Review – How does the network of servers help?

It no longer matters if certain type of content/website is available in your region or not. With PureVPN, you can become a member of the global clan by connecting to the app with a single click.

PureVPN Review – Connecting to a server is easy!

Just choose the server location when connecting for the first time, and start exploring the internet in the most unrestricted way. All PureVPN reviews which address the issue of the presence of servers across the globe reiterate PureVPN’s claim and testify to the presence of those servers.

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PureVPN Review - Browser Extensions

There are many extensions that PureVPN has launched in the recent years. Initially, PureVPN was only available as a VPN client for Windows and Mac. Now, it is also available as a browser extension for Chrome as well as Firefox. Connecting to PureVPN via browser extension is even easier than the VPN client. As the reviews of PureVPN on different websites claim, the extension has capabilities for saving your credentials on your first login, so you do not need to re-enter the credentials every time you want to connect PureVPN through the browser extension.

PureVPN review – Chrome Extension provides

  • High-Speed Streaming

Dodge ISP throttling and buffering with Chrome VPN and stream with zero lags.

  • Blazing-fast Connection

Choose from a host of servers strategically located around the globe

  • Prevent WebRTC Leaks

Our Chrome VPN Extension's WebRTC protection ensures your IP remains leak-proof

  • Surf The Web With Complete Freedom

Enjoy the web with 0% restrictions and 100% freedom

Purevpn Review

PureVPN review – Firefox Extension provides

  • Blazing Fast Streaming

Get access to the content of your choice and enjoy a streaming experience like never before.

  • Speedy Internet Connection

Choose from an army of self-optimized servers that offer blazing-fast internet connectivity.

  • Prevent WebRTC Leaks

Our Firefox VPN Extension's WebRTC protection makes sure your IP doesn’t get leaked online.

  • Ultimate Online Freedom on the Web

Bypass geo-restrictions and explore the web with complete freedom.

PureVPN reviews for extensions

PureVPN reviews suggest that the functionality of all the advanced features, such as internet kill switch and content filtering, is slightly limited. However, basic security features, such as IP masking, connecting to different servers, work in the most optimum way, and provide ultimate protection and security.

According to some reviews and PureVPN’s website, an extension for Safari is also in the making and will soon be launched. This will make PureVPN the only VPN provider to have extensions for all the popular browsers available.


PureVPN Review - Apps

The VPN provider has apps for both Android and iOS each with millions of downloads and 4-star ratings. PureVPN reviews on the App Store and Play Store are all mostly positive, which hint at its performance and reliability. Other apps for PureVPN that are available for download are for Playstation, Kodi, DD-WRT applet, and Firestick for Amazon.

All of these apps are available for free, and can be made use of by all PureVPN premium subscribers. PureVPn reviews for its apps talk about VPN connectivity on the apps in a positive fashion and claim that the app provides functionality which is as good as the Windows and Mac client.

PureVPN Review - Business users

PureVPN subscription can also be bought for an entire business altogether. There are excellent plans and packages that employees can subscribe to and provide flexibility to its employees to work from anywhere and send and receive files in a secure and protected environment.

According to reviews of PureVPN the added benefits in Business plans include dedicated account manager, dedicated speed and bandwidth, dedicated portal and dedicated IPs. PureVPN reviews provided on Reddit and other forums suggest that it works perfectly for employees and business owners.

bussiness plan for purevpn

PureVPN Review – Streaming users

In the past there have been problems in streaming for PureVPN users. However, as the global entertainment trends gradually shifted towards streaming, the reviews suggest that PureVPN has upgraded its network and features. It now supports streaming for all major streaming services such as Netflix.

support of purevpn

Not only that. PureVPN reviews show that its users have also been able to stream live matches of their favorite sports from around the world with ease and convenience. The split tunneling feature provided by PureVPN ensures a lag-free watching experience.


PureVPN Review - Speed Test

The online community has conducted various speed and performance tests and reviews of PureVPN, and it seems that for every test, PureVPN has passed with flying colors. Many other VPN providers considerably cut down download and upload speeds once VPN connectivity is enabled. However, PureVPN not only retains the speed and performance but in some cases speeds up the connectivity. For instance, if a user is trying to access Russian content that is blocked in his region, and is connected to a Russian server via VPN, his download and upload speeds will in fact improve. This is because it would take less time to communicate with the server as the distance between the VPN server and source server will be very little. All public forums and websites, such as Twitter, Quora and Reddit, which gives PureVPN reviews are mostly positive when they talk about the speeds and performance.

PureVPN Review - Customer Support

PureVPN has a great customer support department that works round the clock to answer the queries and concerns. There are apparently hundreds of costumer support agents that answer queries instantly, which makes it possible for PureVPN to satisfy 92% of its users with queries every day.

According to reviews of PureVPN, customers are satisfied with the kind of service they get from the support team.

PureVPN Review – Multilingual

PureVPN is available in many languages and caters to people from different countries. It specializes in constructing solutions crafted to match the needs of the natives. It offers support in French, German, Chinese, Italian, Russian, and many other popular languages, including Portuguese and Spanish. PureVPN Reviews that appear on twitter are in all the different languages, which gives the impression that the customer support is also multilingual, making it possible for people with different languages to voice their concerns and receive solutions in return.

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